Room divider curtains and tracks

Custom-made from superior-quality materials

Custom curtains on tracks

Toiles G.R. manufactures room divider curtains in the following materials:

  • Standard or FR 16- or 18-ounce vinyl (available in a variety of colors)
  • Standard woven polyethylene (white or grey-and-black)
  • Heavy-duty woven polyethylene (white or black)
  • Transparent or FR ViewFlex vinyl

The tracks we offer for divider curtains and outdoor curtains are made from galvanized steel or aluminum.

  • Aluminum tracks in 12′ sections or galvanized steel tracks in 10′ or 20′ sections
  • 90-degree corners
  • Casters and track connectors

Why choose divider room curtains on tracks from Toiles G.R.?

  • Custom-made to exact widths and heights
  • Equipped with grommets every 18″ on top and every 24″ on the sides, with a hemmed pocket at the bottom
  • Ideal for separating sections of a warehouse, for example, for welding or painting operations

We also offer custom curtains for your balcony or gazebo, fence curtains, temporary garages and shelters and more.

Promotional covers and curtains

We can manufacture solid vinyl or vinyl mesh covers and curtains custom-printed with your company name or logo.

Whether for a fence curtain, divider curtain or other product, why not take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your business?

Industrial strip curtains

We offer all types of strip curtains and bulk rolls made from high-quality flexible, transparent PVC (in clear, amber, orange or opaque black).

  • Cut strips or bulk rolls in widths of 6″, 8″, 16″ and 48″
  • Thicknesses of 60, 80, 120 and 160 mils
  • Different grades available to suit your needs and intended use (indoor or outdoor, weather-resistant, fire-retardant, anti-static)
  • Mounting hardware according to installation requirements

Our products comply with the following regulations:

  • Federal USDA regulations whenever the PVC comes into contact with meat or dairy products
  • CPAI-84 flammability specifications for UV radiation
  • Fire-resistant requirements of the California State Fire Marshal (standard PVC and standard welding only)

Typical applications:

  • Strip doors for receiving merchandise
  • Crane runway enclosures
  • Welding stations
  • Air lifts for transporting merchandise
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial enclosures
  • Flexible partitions for environmental protection of work areas
  • Strip doors for loading/unloading docks
  • Personnel doors
  • Conveyor openings
  • Strip curtains for walk-in refrigerator and freezer doors
  • Acoustic screens
  • Sliding track-mounted curtains
  • Rear door strip curtains for trucks
couleurs de PVC disponibles pour les rideaux industriels à lanières
rideaux industriels à lanières

Do you need additional information or an estimate on strip curtains or room divider curtains on tracks?