Parasol cover

Protect your parasol with a protective cover and increase its lifespan.

Why put on a parasol cover?

To keep your parasol for many years, it is important to treat it with great care. There is no point in purchasing the most luxurious parasol available if you do not offer it essential basic protection against external aggression.

Protecting your umbrella from moisture, elements and dirt

Firstly, a cover prevents the formation of mold and the accumulation of dirt on the canvas. However, be sure to fold your parasol carefully and ensure that it is completely dry before putting its cover on it. Otherwise, humidity risks stagnating inside and damaging the structure.

In addition to moisture, the parasol cover protects against bad weather such as wind, snow and ice. But you don’t need a storm to justify protecting your parasol with a cover! Even UV rays and dirt are to be feared, as they can discolor the parasol fabric prematurely.


In all circumstances, your parasol can benefit from the comforting protection of a quality protective cover. Even when stored for the winter, a parasol not protected by a cover could accumulate dust and wear out over time, or even be damaged by accident.


At Toiles GR, we manufacture custom parasol covers in 14 ounce vinyl coated polyester. Our premium quality covers are offered in three colors: beige, gray or black to satisfy all tastes.

Thanks to our canvases made from superior quality materials, your parasol or any other outdoor equipment will benefit from optimal protection!

Parasol cover: protect your belongings with high-end materials

All our covers, canvas and tarpaulins are made with different polyesters coated with solid or wick vinyl, braided or woven polyethylene, nylon and canvas.

When it comes to our covers specially designed for parasols, we use a premium material made of vinyl coated polyester. This is an ideal choice to optimally protect your parasol.

Featuring exceptional weather resistance, vinyl-coated polyester also provides reliable protection against UV rays, rain and dirt. Its vinyl coating reinforces its durability, for increased longevity and waterproofing.

Among the other advantages offered by polyester: it is easy to clean and light, therefore easy to handle when storing your parasol.

Custom made cover for offset parasol

A offset parasol (or eccentric) is a parasol whose pole is offset to the side in relation to the center of the canvas. Some are round, others square or rectangular. No matter the shape of your parasol, we manufacture custom parasol covers to protect and store any type of parasol. Get an offset parasol cover to preserve the longevity and beauty of your parasol!

Don’t wait for your parasol to damage prematurely. Order a quality cover to extend the life of your parasol and guarantee long, happy years of use.