Golf course covers

Protect your golf course from our harsh winter weather and promote rapid germination

Turf covers for golf courses

We sell uncoated woven polyethylene turf covers with large green and clear bands. They can be used in the spring to repair or create new tees or greens or they can be used for protection during the winter, either alone or as a backdrop in combination with waterproof tarps and hay or bubble wrap.

toile pour terrain de golf


  • Reduce the loss of seeds
  • Promote rapid growth
  • Accelerate germination
  • Minimize damage caused by frost and ice
  • Allow water and air circulation, thanks to porosity
  • Resist mildew and rot

Waterproof tarps for winter protection

Our waterproof grey-and-black woven polyethylene tarps have long demonstrated their effectiveness at protecting golf courses from frost, ice formation, wind desiccation and sudden temperature fluctuations during the winter months.


  • Include stakes and storage bag
  • Last longer, thanks to anti-UV treatment
  • Prevent greenhouse effect
  • Withstand harsh winter conditions
  • Can be custom manufactured to desired dimensions
toile pour terrain de golf

Do you own a golf course or are you in charge of golf course maintenance? We can manufacture the turf covers you need.