Tie-downs and lifting hardware (winches, chain block, straps…)

Lifting chains and slings, chain binders, belts, ratchet straps, bungee straps, hooks, winches and more!

Lifting chain assemblies

We offer all types of 80- and 100-grade lifting chain assemblies featuring one or more sling legs. (legs).

We also offer grab hooks and slip hooks (slip hook) with or without latches.(latch).

All of our lifting chain assemblies have been inspected and certified.

Steel cable assemblies

We offer all types of steel cable assemblies featuring one or more sling legs. (legs).

Available with grab hooks or (grab hook)slip hooks,(slip hook) with or without latches.(latch).

All of our steel cable assemblies have been inspected and certified.

Chains, hooks and binders with Grade 70 Transport certification tags

We offer chains in ⁵∕₁₆” and ⅜” lengths, according to your needs.

We also offer 3″ straps in 30′ lengths and other sizes, with ⁵∕₁₆” or ⅜” triangle, chain and hook. We can even replace the straps on your existing hardware.

We also have superior quality chain binders.

Lifting chains (grades 80 and 100)

We offer 80- and 100-grade lifting chains (hoisting chains).

Available with grab hooks or(grab hook)slip hooks, (slip hook) with or without latches.(latch).

All of our assemblies have been inspected and certified.

Load binders (tie-downs)

We offer 3 types of load binders: standard, recoilless and ratchet-style

Corner protectors

We offer metallic and plastic corner protectors for straps and chains, in addition to manufacturing protective sleeves made from fabric.

We also offer steel coil racks.


Our straps are manufactured using CANADIAN materials exclusive to Toiles G.R. Why opt for our webbing?

  • Useful life 3 to 4 times longer than that of imported straps
  • Increased rigidity to minimize twisting when in use
  • Greater resistance to wear and tear (abrasion)
  • Reduced elasticity to hold the load more securely
  • Durable vinyl tag (with specifications) sewn onto the strap
  • Best value for your money

We offer a variety of straps: ratchet straps, lift straps, tie down straps, ratchet tie down straps, winch straps and more.

We can also replace the webbing on your used chains

In our experience, customers who purchased imported straps of lesser quality did not save ANY MONEY AT ALL. The annual costs ended up being higher than those of our Toiles G.R. webbing because of the decreased useful life of the imported straps, the difficulties faced in using them and the impossibility of replacing the used straps (resulting in a stockpile of useless chains). References available upon request.

3″ webbing with chain

3″ webbing with hook

3″ webbing with flat hook

Bungee straps

We offer 9″, 15″, 21″ and 31″ genuine rubber bungee straps manufactured in Sri Lanka. They’re vastly superior to the Chinese bungee straps made of synthetic rubber, which offer less resistance, resilience and elasticity.

Lifting slings

Perfectly adjusted lifting slings! Toiles G.R. has every kind of lifting sling you’ll need to hoist heavy loads.

We have standard lifting slings in stock and can also manufacture custom lifting slings.

Toiles G.R. provides lifting slings of every width and length in several different thicknesses and with several different types of handles.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll custom manufacture it for you. At Toiles G.R., your satisfaction is our top priority!

Hooks of every kind

We offer all types of grab hooks, including those used for sheet metal and aluminum.

Logistic straps and straps for curtains

We manufacture all types of logistic straps for trucks, such as those used for sliding curtain systems and those used inside dry box trucks. We can also replace the webbing on your used hardware.


We offer all types of anchor shackles and cable shackles.

Ratchet tie-downs

We custom manufacture all types of 1″, 2″ and 3″ ratchet straps and tie-downs. They’re available with different sizes of straps and different attachments on the ends of the straps. We also sell ratchets by themselves or we can install new straps on your used hardware.

Winches and bars

We offer all of the different types of winches (hand winch and electric winch), and winch bars you’ll generally find on the market, as well as aluminum or steel winch tracks.

We can satisfy all your needs in lifting hardware and tie-downs.

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