Truck tarp and trailer cover

We manufacture all kinds of covers and tarps for trucks, trailers, containers and more.

For the truck or
trailer cover you need

At Toiles G.R., we manufacture all kinds of tarps for transport:

  • Lumber tarps
  • Steel tarps
  • Cramaro-style tarps (mesh or vinyl)
  • Rack & Tarp systems
  • Side-roll systems
  • Roll-off systems
  • Dump truck tarps
  • Flatbed tarps
  • Asphalt covers
  • Tarps for spreaders
  • Custom trailer tarps
  • Tarps for containers
  • And more!

For the construction of our truck and trailer covers and tarps, we use the best available raw materials on the market, sourced from CANADIAN manufacturers whenever possible.

Over the years, we’ve improved on the design of several tarps and covers to make them even more effective and durable.

We’re known definitively as specialists in HIGH-QUALITY tarps.

Roll-off tarps

We can manufacture covers according to your specifications, using the highest-quality heavy-duty clear or multicolor PVC mesh.

Key features:

  • Reinforced all around with two rows of 2″ safety belts along the length of the cover and reinforced sections from front to back
  • Grommets in front, D-rings in the back, sewn onto safety belts
  • Desired dimensions
  • Steel cables also available in all diameters and lengths, with studs or lugs

These covers are also available through our numerous distributors.

toile de camion de type roll off
toile pour camion dompeur

Dump truck tarps

Clear or multicolor PVC mesh tarps.

Our dump truck tarps are reinforced with auto safety belts around the edges and diagonally along the length to facilitate rolling and unrolling. If there are hemmed pockets in the front or rear, they’re reinforced with 18-ounce vinyl that is heat-welded onto the mesh past the hem in order to prevent the tarp from tearing at the seams of the pocket.

All of our tarps and covers are custom manufactured to meet the needs of our clients.

Asphalt covers

We also offer waterproof covers that comply with the regulations issued by the Quebec Ministry of Transport. Manufactured in 300-denier brown nylon or 18-ounce vinyl, these covers are custom designed and have been developed in collaboration with several of our experienced trucking clients.

Tarps for salt and fertilizer spreaders

For spreaders, we offer custom covers made from 18-ounce Canadian vinyl in a vast selection of colors. We also offer rectangular covers with grommets and chutes for the back end of salt and fertilizer spreaders.

Do you need a cover or tarp for your truck or trailer?

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