Construction heavy duty tarps and covers

Woven polyethylene construction tarps, heavy duty tarps, insulated tarps, canvas tarps, woven polyethylene mesh trash chutes and more to suit your needs.

Construction covers

Toiles G.R. offers economical imported tarps made from clear woven polyethylene.

toile de construction


  • Weave with 8 × 8 threads per square inch, 850 deniers
  • Coated on 1 side with 1 mil (25 microns) of polyethylene
  • Hems reinforced on the inside with rope
  • Grommets every 3′ or 4′ and rope attached to each grommet


  • 15′ × 20′ in bundles of 10
  • 20′ × 30′ in bundles of 5
  • 30′ × 50′ in bundles of 1
  • 15′ x 755′ rolls

Also available:

  • White 3.5-ounce standard or FR tarps or rolls
  • Green-and-white heavy-duty 6-ounce tarps

Debris netting

We offer woven green polyethylene mesh debris netting in widths of 6.6′ and 10′ by 150′ in length or black netting in widths of 8′ and 12′ in lengths of 300′, manufactured in Quebec.

ilet à débris pour construction

Chutes and tarps for roofers and snow removal

We manufacture heavy-duty chutes and tarps used to lower construction debris during industrial flat roof refurbishing work.

We also sell woven polyethylene mesh for collecting construction debris on the ground during residential roofing work.

Roofers also love our lifting slings and truck tarps for dump trucks.

Contact us for estimates on heavy duty tarps, insulated tarps, canvas tarp or blue tarp for the construction industry.

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