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Retractable awning for deck: go from sun to shade

Retractable awnings are an excellent way to maximize the usable space on your outdoor terrace so you can get the most out of it in fair weather or foul. Retractable awnings are enjoying growing popularity in Quebec. The flexibility they offer makes them appealing to a wide variety of clients, including the owners and renters of homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, restaurants, businesses and industries of every kind. Our patio awnings can be equipped with manual cranks or remote-controlled electric motors, wind sensors, adjustable pitch and protective covers or protective housing for winter, offering you flexibility, style and ambience. Many have been surprised by the convenience and practicality of these systems!

We distribute all of the models made by two of the top Canadian manufacturers:

  • Aristocrat, with 35 years of experience, offers a variety of models, including 7′ × 23′ awnings that extend up to 13′ 2″ from the wall. The patented Marcesa product is the only one on the market with a crossbar offering additional reinforcement at the center of the awning, supporting the canvas at its midpoint, thus minimizing fluttering and flapping in the wind. You can also choose from the selection of acrylic fabrics offered by Sattler and Sunbrella.
  • Stobag a subsidiary of a multinational Swiss company, also offers several different models, including Pergolino, which can extend up to 20 feet from the wall, and motorized blinds, which can be used to enclose your balcony or pergola.

Retractable patio awnings offer excellent protection from the sun, heat, light rain and UV radiation. They also allow you to create a space that’s relaxing and cool. To make things easier for you, all of our installations are performed by renovation experts. Retractable awnings have a useful life of 15 years or more.

For more details, visit the website of our parent company, JML, which also offers one of the largest selections of outdoor furnishings in Quebec.

Premium outdoor furnishings

JML and Toiles G.R. offer not only the manufacture of custom covers and tarps but also everything related to garden furniture. Tables, chairs, sectionals, outdoor fireplaces and swings: at JML, you’ll find everything you need to maximize your enjoyment of the summer months.