Ice rink tarps

Tarps for creating outdoor residential ice rinks; Fun for kids and grownups, alike

Install your own outdoor ice skating rink

We offer two types of woven polyethylene ice rink tarps in various sizes and two levels of quality. Either of them will enable you to build your own residential ice skating rink.

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Standard white tarp, 3.5 ounces per square yard

  • 10 × 10 weave
  • 850 deniers
  • 1-mil coating on both sides
  • About twice the quality of those regular blue tarps sold in most hardware stores.

Green-and-white heavy-duty ice rink tarp

  • 6 ounces per square yard
  • 14 × 14 weave
  • 1,600 deniers
  • 2-mil coating on both sides
  • About twice the quality of our white tarp

Would you like to install an ice skating rink you can enjoy with your friends and family? We can advise you on the choice of material and fabrication of your ice rink tarp.

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